4. Socio-economic aspects of irrigation

1.1 Property rights, control over and access to irrigation (Download Powerpoint)
1.2 Irrigation and Gender (Download Powerpoint)
1.3 Irrigation and Households (Download Powerpoint)
1.4 Irrigation and Participation (Download Powerpoint)


Exercise 1.1: Recommendations for research as an input for maintenance plan Gumera irrigation (Download exercise)
For exercise 1.1 - Excerpt about maintenance Gumera project (Download exercise)
Exercise 1.2: Reading assignment Carney 1998 (Download exercise)
Exercise 1.3: Reading assignment Zwarteveen, Udas and Delgado 2010 (Download exercise)

Week 2

2.1 Investing in smallholder irrigation (Download Powerpoint)
2.2 Irrigation Economics (Download Powerpoint)
2.3 Crop Budget and sub-sector analysis (Download Powerpoint)
2.4 Smallholder Irrigation and the changing national economy (Download Powerpoint)
2.5 Increasing Smallholder Income Identifying constraints and interventions (Download Powerpoint)


Exercise 2.1: Reading assignment Kinfe et al 2011 (Download exercise)
Exercise 2.2: Reading assignment Makhado and Hoogendam 1993 (Download exercise)
Exercise 2.3: Reading assignment Cousins 2013(Download exercise)

Week 3


Exercise 3.1, 3.2, 3.3: Action research (Download exercise)