4. Irrigation Management and Organizations

1.1 Introduction Irrigation Management and Organization (download presentation)
1.2 Policy and Institutional reform in Irrigation Management (download presentation)
1.3 Policy and Institutional reform in irrigation Management - block 2 (download presentation)
1.4 Irrigation Water users association - IWUA (download presentation)


Exercise 1.1: Plenary discussion (Download exercise)
Exercise 1.2: Reading exercise (Download exercise)
Exercise 1.3: WUA Design (Download exercise)
Exercise 1.3: Reading assignment (Download exercise)

Week 2

2.1 Gender and water management institutions  (Download presentation)
2.2 Water allocation and delivery schedule (Download presentation)
2.3 System operation and flow control  (Download presentation)
2.4 Irrigation performance assessment (Download presentation)


Exercise 2.1: Gender and WUAs (Download exercise)
Exercise 2.2: Reading exercise (Download exercise)
Exercise 2.3: Reading exercise (Download exercise)

Week 3

Exercise: integrated Field case study (Download the exercise)