1. Sustainable irrigation engineering and management

Week 1: General overview of IEM/introduction to interdisciplinary irrigation analysis

1.1 Course introduction - Approaches to understanding irrigation (Download Powerpoint)
1.2 Opportunities and challenges of irrigation development in Ethiopia (Download Powerpoint)
1.5 Socio-technical approach (Download Powerpoint)


Reading Exercise 1.1: Irrigation and development (Download exercise)
Reading Exercise 1.3: The reflexive engineer (Download exercise)
Reading Exercise 1.5: Framework for analysis of water control in the Koga irrigation scheme (Download exercise)

Week 2: Towards identification, design and implementation of irrigation as an interactive process

2.1 Identification of irrigation potential (Download Powerpoint)
2.2 Participatory design (Download Powerpoint)
2.3 Design for operation and maintenance (Download Powerpoint)


Reading Exercise 2.1: Beekman et al. 2014 (Download exercise)
Reading Exercise 2.2: Nation 2010 and Kumani and Ubels 1993 (Download exercise)
Reading Exercise 2.3: Mapping irrigation scheme along the Kulforiver (Download exercise)

Week 3: (A) Irrigation in context - water allocation and quality (B) Introduction to field work

3.1 Water allocation (Download Powerpoint)
3.2 Sedimentation, watershed management and sediment management options in irrigation (Download Powerpoint)
3.3 Water quality (Download Powerpoint)
3.4 - 3.6 Introduction to field work (Download Powerpoint)


Exercise 3.1 Allocation of water in the Awash river basin (Download exercise)

Week 4: Diagnostic surveys of the Hare irrigation scheme

4.1 Introduction to field work (Download Powerpoint)


Exercise 4.1 Field work assignment -initial diagnosis of the functioning of an irrigation canal (Download exercise)