17.5 Case Studies

17.5.1 Lake Tana Basin
  • Presentation: Case study lake Tana Case study of lake Tana Elias Sime.ppt or ď
  • Baseline for Tana-Beles Watershed Development View or Download
  • Hydrological modelling in the lake Tana basin, Ethiopia, using SWAT Model View or Download
  • Limnology of the river Nile View or Download
  • Improved water and land management in the Ethiopian Highlands View or Download
  • The effect of Birbira, Milletia Ferruginea (hochst.) Baker on some Barbus Spp. (Cyprinidae, Teleostei) in Gumara River (Lake Tana), Ethiopia View or Download
  • Contract View or Download

17.5.2 Aynalem Catchment 
  • Presentation: Challenges of small basin serving as a source for water supply to Big Cities (Aynalem Catchment)  View or Download
  • Presentation: Some possible questions  View or Download
  • Evaluating the potential of the Aynalem well field for the conjunctive use of surface and groundwater View or Download
  • Groundwater resource assessment through distributed steady-state flow modelling, Aynalem wellfield View or Download

17.5.3 Gidabo Basin

17.5.4 Harar Water Supply
  • Presentation: Harar water supply View or Download
  • The study of groundwater modeling at lake Alamaya basin View or Download
  • Harar emergency water supply; groundwater feasibility study View or Download
  • Harar emergency water supply; feasibility study (interim report)  View or Download

17.5.5 Other documents
  • The practices of integrated water resource management and its stumbling blocks at the catchment area of Gafarsaa View or Download
  • Presentation: Gefersa conflict management case study View or Download
  • Integrated river basin management in Abaya Chamo lakes basin View or Download
  • Presentation: Lake Hawassa, a case study vor the IRBM project View or Download
  • Assessment of the water balance of lake Awassa Catchment, Ethiopia View or Download
  • Presentation: Gilgel Gibe View or Download