17.3 External Skills

17.3.1 Stakeholder analysis
  • Further reading:
    • Identifying stakeholder information needs View or Download
    • Methods for information gathering and organising View or Download
    • Situation and stakeholder analysis View or Download
  • References:
    • Stakeholder involvement and water management scenarios View or Download
    • Stakeholder analysis guidelines View or Download
    • Institutional and policy analysis of river basin management decentralization View or Download
    • Involving stakeholders in integrated river basin planning in England and Wales View or Download
    • Multi-stakeholders platforms for integrated water management View or Download
    • Policy and institutional dimensions of integrated river basin management View or Download
    • Integrated water resources management for river basin organisations (training manual) View or Download
    • Using stakeholder analysis in software project management View or Download
    • Presentation: Stakeholder analysis 1 View or Download
    • Presentation: Stakeholder analysis 2 View or Download
    • Presentation: Stakeholder analysis 3 View or Download
    • Stakeholder View or Download
    • Presentation: Stakeholder and stakeholder analysis View or Download

 17.3.2 Communication and influencing 
  • Presentation: Influencing, negotiating and communication View or Download
  • Handout: Influencing, negotiating and communication View or Download
  • Tools for policy impact; A handbook for Researchers View or Download