13.2 Watershed Analysis


13.2.1 Delineation and physical characterization View or Download
13.2.2 Land use Amsalu F. View or Download
13.2.3 Hydrological processes View or Download
13.2.4 Run-off and Soil Loss View or Download
13.2.5 Watershed degradation View or Download


13.2.2 Land use Amsalu View or Download
13.2.5 Watershed degradation View or Download 


  • Downloading and importing DEM to ILWIS (excerise 1) View or Download
  • Projecting your DEM data (Exercise 2) View or Download
  • Watershed characterization (reading material) View or Download
  • Watershed delineation and characterization View or Download
  • Computer Exercises View or Download
  • Field activity View or Download
  • How to establish stage discharge rating curve View or Download
  • Hydrological Processes View or Download
  • Reference crop evapotranspiration derived from geo-stationary (Temesgen) View or Download
  • Reference Manual for ETo Calculator View or Download
  • Effects of antecedents soil moisture on runoff and soil erosion View or Download
  • Modelling the rainfall-runoff process_Phd thesis View or Download
  • Quantifying rainfall-runoff relationships_Ethiopia View or Download
  • RUSLE 2 - user guid View or Download
  • RUSLE 2 - Science Document View or Download
  • The effect of land uses and rainfall regimes on runoff and soil erosion View or Download