11.1 Understanding groundwater systems

11.1.1 Aquifer identification and characterization 
Presentations -   Introduction to Groundwater (management) and Aquifers  View or Download
-   Aquifer characterisation & management strategies View or Download
-   Characterization of Groundwater Systems  View or Download
-  Working With Incomplete Knowledge from exploration to management of
    groundwaters View or Download
-   Introduction to Groundwater and Groundwater Management View 
     or Download
-   Groundwater Monitoring Requirements View or Download 
Exercises -   Making a groundwater management plan for ‘Var-Ia' View or Download 
Video -   Understanding groundwater - ACWADAM / Arghyam trust

11.1.2 Groundwater in the basin
Presentations-   Case study: Water Management in Central Rift Valley (Ziway-Abyata Basin)
     View or Download
-  Groundwater in the basin View or  Download
-  Aquifer systems characterization for groundwater management View or 
-  Integrated groundwater management in practice View or Download
-  Managing Groundwater Buffers. Water Retention, Recharge and
    Reuse View or Download
Exercises -   
Video -   Groundwater hidden source of life

11.1.3Surface - groundwater interaction and conjunctive management
Presentations-   Groundwater – Surface Water Interaction View or Download 
  Conjunctive use of groundwater and surface water - from spontaneous        
     coping strategy to adaptive resource management View or Download   
Video-   Water from roads
-   Introduction to Water from Dry Riverbeds
-   Wells and subsurface dams in riverbeds
-   How Rivers Work: The Role of Groundwater 

11.1.4Groundwater buffers and climate change
Presentations-   Introduction to Climate Change View or Download 
-   Groundwater buffering and Climate Change View or Download 
-  Groundwater buffering and climate change View or Download
-  Tool Sheet: Climate change effects, impacts and response in groundwater 
    management in Ethiopia View or Download
-  WATER AND CLIMATE CHANGE:Impacts on groundwater resources and
    adaptation options 
View or Download 
Video-   Sand dam training in southern Ethiopia