11.2 Effective Management and sustainable development of groundwater

11.2.1 Groundwater Development in Ethiopia 
Presentations -   Groundwater: Dependable source for development View or Download  
-   Strategic Framework for Managed Groundwater Development View or 

11.2.2 Effective Instruments for Managing Groundwater
Presentations-   Effective Instruments for managing Groundwater View or Download 
-  Local regulation in groundwater management View or Download 
-  Low cost water lifting technology View or Download 
-  Wise groundwater use View or Download  
-   Effective instruments for managing groundwater View or Download 
-   Groundwater Management Module - Low Cost Water Lifting Technology View 
     or Download

11.2.3Transboundary groundwater systems
Presentations-   Transboundary groundwater resources View or Download 
-   Transboundary groundwater View or Download 
  Transboundary Groundwater Management View or Download 
-   United Nations Resolution adopted by the General Assembly View or 
-   Atlas Transboundary Aquifer Systems View or Download  

11.2.4Data Management Systems
Presentations-   Integrated groundwater modeling study in Addis Ababa area: Towards
     developing decision support system for well head protection View or 
-   Data management systems - mathematical approaches to groundwater
     management View or Download  
-  Numerical methods for groundwater Management View or Download 
-  Groundwater in Ethiopia: Occurrence, drought proofing and technology
    options (poster) View or Download  

11.2.5Linking Groundwater Management
Presentations-   Poverty Reduction and Groundwater Management View or Download  
-   Road Construction, Land Subsidence & Land Use on Groundwater Resources 
     View or Download  
-  Managing Groundwater in a Larger Context: The Link Between Groundwater
    and other Sectors (with examples from Land Use and Road Planning) 
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